Dec 17, 2009

The Secret Power of an eBay Auction Title

by: Brian McGregor
I get frequent emails from my newsletter readers wondering why their eBay auctions aren't working.
You might have the most brilliant auction description page with a fantastic set of pictures offering a superb item at an incredible price. But the page counter shows after seven days of your auction that it’s only been seen by 3 people. Has that happened to any of your auctions?

If it has, I always start at the same point. The auction title. 
In 99% of cases, the reason for low viewing figures is that your auction title isn't smart enough. 
Here are a few facts. At the end of this small list you’ll understand the secret power of eBay auction titles: 
a) 79 million times each day buyers use eBay's search box to locate items in which they are interested. 
b) eBay's standard search system takes the search words keyed in, and compares them with the titles in its database of 10 million auctions. (Note it doesn’t compare them with sub-titles, nor auction descriptions) 
c) If an auction title doesn't contain the words keyed into the search box, the auction won’t get returned in the search list. And that’s another of the 79 million searches you’ve missed out on! 
d) If an auction isn't returned in a search list, it can’t be clicked on to have the auction description viewed. So, the whole of eBay's default search system relies on matching keywords with auction titles. And that’s the secret power of auction titles. If your title contains words which the buyer searches upon, your auction will be returned time and again in search return lists. 
Actually, that’s not quite everything. Let’s say you want to create a new auction. Your auction title has three functions: 
1) To contain keywords. (Number one on this list for the reason you now know!)
2) To persuade buyers to click through to your auction description page
3) To convey what the item is 
To decide on the keywords to use, you have to think like a buyer. What words would be used by a person interested in searching for an item like yours? At this stage, just list them. Don't put the words into a sentence yet. Spend as long as you like on this exercise. The more effective you are with this, the less likely you are to have one of those sleepy auctions that rarely gets a visitor. 
Having listed as many keywords as you can think of, you have to decide which are the strongest. Remember, you only have 55 precious characters for your auction title. Taking your best keywords, you now create your auction title. It's not an English exam, so it doesn't matter if it doesn't scan like a sentence. 
You can add a power word or two if you've space. By this I mean words like stunning, limited edition, unique, rare, new, one-off, exclusive, distinctive, dramatic etc. These are words which can influence buyers to click through to your auction description. They won’t be searched on by buyers, so use them sparingly. For the same reason, I don’t advocate the use of "clever" words like l@@k or w0w! 
Finally, do the words in your title convey what the item is? If so, that's it. You've created a powerful and compelling auction title. And your title will appear more often in search return lists. And, as you know, that’s the key! 
If you can get your auction to appear more frequently in search return lists, more buyers will view your auction description page. The more people that visit your auction description page, the more likely you are to make a sale at an acceptable price. 
Now you know the secret power, why not create a new title today for one of your auctions? If you do, believe me you’ll get your fair share of the 79 million eBay daily searchers. 
Good luck in all your eBay selling. 
About the author:
Brian McGregor is an internet entrepreneur specializing in leveraging the power of eBay. He is author of ‘The eBay Formula’ on how to sell successfully on eBay time after time, and is editor of the eBay Auction Newsletter. http://www.workwinners.comBrian is also creator of Keyword Pro, the software which enables sellers to find the top keywords by category currently on eBay
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The Real Secret To Finding Hot Niche Markets!

by: Mark Kessler
Finding a niche market is simple. Finding a PROFITABLE niche market is a little harder, but it's still easy once you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you will end up like 90% of the other niche marketers out there who spend weeks or months on a niche market only to find out there is no money to be made there. 
Luckily I will reveal the secrets to finding a profitable niche market later in this article.
There are literally hundreds of ways to find niche markets. You can spend your time searching for popular keywords using tools such as Wordtracker, or you can walk around your local bookstore looking for common book topics. I've tried both of these options when I first got started in niche marketing, and let me tell you, I lost the most money when I picked a topic that way. Why? Well, it's simple. Just because people are searching for a keyword or phrase online or because there are a bunch of hard copy books on a topic, it doesn't mean those markets will buy your products online. 
Have you ever heard the advice "Target a niche market you are passionate about"? What a bunch of garbage that piece of advice is. It doesn't matter how passionate you are about a topic, if people in that market don't buy products online, YOU WILL FAIL and fail miserably. 
Here are 2 ways to find cash generating, starving niche markets that you have probably never seen before... 
1) Ebay - the unlimited supply of niches. Everyone has heard of ebay, but few people think to go to ebay to find a niche market. You would have to be crazy NOT to use ebay to find a market. This is one of the only places you can go and see exactly what people are buying in real time. Here is how you do it. 
First, go to ebay's main page at At the bottom of the left column of links, click on the link that says "All Categories". When you get to the next page, click on the link at the bottom right of the categories that says "See All Categories". 
What you have just done is list every product currently for sale on ebay, but even more importantly, you can see HOW MANY products are for sale in each category. There are literally thousands of categories of niche topics right in front of your eyes, and you can see how popular each one is in just a couple clicks. 
I just clicked "See all Antiques categories..." and I uncovered several hundred niche markets within the antiques category. This is what niche marketing is all about. The category "Antiques" alone is too broad. If you go after this one, you will fail, however if you go after a sub niche such as "Asian antique bowls" or "Antique sterling silver flatware", you greatly increase your success rate. 
Then, go to and see just how flaming hot they are. 
2) The next way to find a popular niche market is by going to the website From the homepage, there is a link that says "Browse All Interests". The website will then list hundreds of topics in which people signed up to be a part of a group. It also lists how many people joined each group, or "niche market" if you will. Who would have thought there would be a group of over a thousand people crazy about scooters? I found this niche market under the automotive category. 
Using these two methods, you should be able to uncover hundreds of niche topics to begin targeting immediately. Once you find a niche market you want to build your business around, the next step would be to learn how to develop products these markets will knock each other over trying to buy. 
About the author:
Mark Kessler offers a FREE 34 page report where you'll "Discover The Most Simple, But Extremely Powerful System that reveals the 4 secret steps you need to achieve maximum niche profits!" your copy is at

The power of dogs

by: Eva Sanchez
Well first of all I was always a cat owner, till my husband bought our first Chihuahua (Stitch) in 2002, Stitch was about 6 weeks old and was generally purchased for our children and it stud that was till he was about 5 months or so. 
Then I started to notice that he was starting to favor me and follow me around more and more everyday, one day I hid from him and watched him run up and down the hallway from the crack in the bedroom door, until he found me and it just melted my heart, my cats never did that and after that he became ALL MINE Stitch stole my heart. Around a month later my mother handed down her old sewing machine to me, I tried making everything that came to mind but nothing ever turned out perfect, but I kept sewing anyways. 
Shortly after I got my sewing machine my sister in-law gave me a little dog shirt that she had found on clearance at Walmart and I looked at this little thing and said “ this would be a piece of cake to make” and that very night I began working on little shirts for Stitch. It was a very exciting challenge and the results were outstanding! Stitch always had a new shirt for every occasion, then one day that same sister in-law told me that I should try selling my dog shirts on eBay. 
So about a month later I did as a matter of fact it I listed my first item on my birthday, at that time dog clothes on eBay was only about 3 pages long so no matter what I listed, it always sold. Stitch became my right hand man, and tested and modeled all of my creations and never complained. We had such a close bond that I understood him and knew what he wanted by just looking at him and he always understood what I told him and sometimes it would just blow me away. 
None of my items would sell for over about $10 but that was a lot for me and I was proud, eventually I started making dog dresses, it took some fine tuning but I finally got the pattern right. So as the months passed Stitch became my best friend, my companion and a very close member of my family, we were inseparable and I never left him home. 
Meanwhile had found success on eBay but the dog clothes section was starting to grow more every week, competition was getting rough and some of my listings were ending without bids. I started to be more creative and put more effort into my clothes and do a lot of research on what kind of dog clothes people were looking for so I started to study websites that sold small dog clothes and found out that dog clothes like mine were selling for twice as much without the haste of re-listing and fees. 
I started thinking about opening up my own website and started out with the free 2 page ones and I did get a purchase or two from my eBay customers but at that time I was also selling my shirts for a frugal $6. I did get tired of only having 2 pages for my clothes, I wanted to be more professional, since I was making extra money from eBay so I invested it into a real website, It did take a lot of work to build and even now I’m still spending many hours a week on my current site but it’s worth it. 
I finally had my first real website and shortly realized that traffic doesn’t come automatically so here I go again, doing hours of research on website promotion till I found and hired a company to submit my site to a certain number of search engines for about $40 a month, I thought that’s all I would need but I was so wrong. I finally found Overture, signed up and before I new it, I was doubling the income that I was making on eBay WITHOUT THE FEES, I canceled the monthly submissions. In 2004 I learned of Adwords, signed up and started to triple and sometimes quadruple my income in a day and haven’t sold on eBay since. 
I owe it all to Stitch without him, none of this would have ever materialized, he played so many vital roles in this business and ultimately changed my life, without Stitch there would be no Princess Petwear. 
Stitch passed away on 12-23-04 at 3 years old and I have yet to stop crying over his memories.
Its 2005 now and the dog clothes selection on eBay is now up to 50 pages long, I now work for my business 40+ a week and consider myself a work-at-home-mom with 4 kids, ages 13, 11, 7, 2. I still miss my Stitch, I always catch myself daydreaming of him remembering how soft his fur was and how I loved to rub my check against his face, I also find myself reminiscing on how would baby talk him and shower him with kisses and hugs, then I wipe the tears from my face and get back to work. 
About the author:
Author Eva Sanchez founder of, online seller of small dog clothes for boy and girl dogs, which includes, pet sweaters, formal dresses, doggie swimsuits and more. Let your dog feel special every day in our affordable casual collection.

The Perfect Home Business For Moms!

by: Joe Clare

The important role that women play as a wife and mother at home can not be overemphasized. They organize home life to ensure things run smoothly. From cleaning the home, making the meals, taking care of the children, and running a host of other important errands and tasks. For a wife and mother who works outside the home these tasks can take on the organization skills of Super Woman. And, while some women are content to take on the daunting challenges of career woman, wife and mother, others would prefer to work at home. 
Looking for a work at home business can be a task in itself. We often need to search through several opportunities before we settle on one that has possibilities and appeals to us. One Work at Home Business that has worked out very well for me is eBay. eBay recently reported $14.87 billion in annual merchandise sales with over 100 million members. 400,000 of these are making their living from eBay. Why? Because a Work at Home Business using eBay is so easy to operate and maintain. 
Since technology has become much simpler over recent years, learning curves have become less severe than they once were This has made operating a computer easier than ever. With this, people have been flocking to the Internet and eBay to create a Business of their own. The main draw of working online is that you can Work at Home. No long commutes to work. No 9 to 5 either, your hours can be flexible so you can still enjoy time with your family. 
eBay lends it self perfectly as a Work At Home Business. There are no special skills required other than the confidence that you can be successful with an online business regardless of your business, computer or Internet experience and skills. What skills? you ask. Well, just very basic skills. The ability to surf the web, read and send emails, create auction pages (webpages) and upload them. And most importantly and ability to learn and the want to succeed. 
The easiest way to start your Online Auction Business would be to use Dropshippers. The great thing about Dropshipping, as outlined in my book "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak", is that it will allow you to operate a Home Based Business as an Internet Marketer with out ever worrying about storage of inventory, packaging of inventory, or even shipping of that inventory. 
The Dropship supplier will look after all of that for you. And even greater still is the fact that your auction business will cost you very little to get started The fact is, most Dropshippers charge you nothing to become a member to sell their products. While others may charge just a nominal administration fee. Plus, you can list your item on eBay for approximately .35 cents. So, as you can see your eBay Auction Business will cost you very little to get started. With such a low financial risk the only thing you have to lose is a bit of your time. 

How does one put together eBay and Dropshipping? It's really very simple. First, browse eBay to see what kind of product(s) you would like to sell. Then sign up as a member with eBay. Once you have decided on a product(s),locate a Dropshipper for that product(s). Sign up with that Dropshipper and then place an auction on eBay for the item.. 
Once your auction is over and you have a buyer for the product email your Dropshipper the required information. The Dropshipper will ship the product directly to your customer as though it came from you. Then the Dropshipper will charge your account the wholesale price for that product. The difference between the wholesale price and your retail price is pure profit! 
To run a successful eBay Business you will need to sell what the public wants to buy. Always research any product before you decide to sell it. Make sure it is popular and you can get it at a great price. If you have something worth selling, you are bound to find someone on eBay who wants to buy it.. 
Happy Selling! 
About the author:
Joe Clare is an active Netpreneur and eBayer! He is the author of numerous articles on how to make money online and be successful on eBay! Check out his latest Best Selling eBook "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak" Your Passport to Success! at
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The Perfect Home Based Business!

by: Joe Clare
Are you looking for a Business you can Work at Home? Did you know that a Work at Home Business is the dream of millions of Americans, and millions more world wide? It is estimated that by 2010, over 68% of us will have some kind of Home Business to help supplement our income. Plus, numerous surveys show that a Business of your own is still the #1 way for the average person to achieve financial freedom and independence. 
According to Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, 400,000 people are making a living from eBay. And, recently eBay reported $14.87 billion in annual merchandise sales with over 100 million members. With numbers like these shouldn't you be looking at eBay as your Home Based Business? 
As outlined in my book "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak" eBay has some staggering statistics. A Corvette is sold every 3 hours! A Diamond Ring is sold every 6 minutes! A Digital Camera is sold every 90 seconds! An Article of clothing is sold every 3 seconds! That eBay is the 4th most visited website on the Internet, and at the time of this writing has auction sites in 26 countries world wide. Pretty impressive for what started off as a small site in 1995 for collectors of Pez Dispensers. 
Since then eBay has flourished into an auction site that lends itself perfectly to the Home Based Business. Why? Mainly because you can sell just about anything on eBay. Plus, operating an eBay Auction Business does not require you to have any extensive business knowledge or any elaborate computer skills. Finding items to sell on your auctions is easy as well. 
You can start by selling all of those unwanted items you have just lying around the house. From there some people cruise flea markets, swap meets, and second hand stores for more items to sell on eBay. And even more use Dropshippers. Using Dropshippers is a smart way to get your eBay Home Business up and running because you don't have to invest in costly inventory, store the inventory, or package and ship that inventory. Your Dropship supplier will do all of that for you. It doesn't get any easier then that! 
So if you're looking for a Home Based Business, have a look at eBay. It is the largest and most exciting auction service on the Internet enabling trades on a local, national and international bases. With more than 3 million auctions running at any given time, and many millions of users, if you have something to sell you'll probably find a buyer for it on eBay. 
Happy Selling! 
About the author:
Joe Clare is an active Netpreneur and eBayer! He is the author of numerous articles on how to succeed on eBay! Check out his latest Best Selling eBook "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak" Your Passport to Success! at
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The No-Work, Money-Making Website

by: Willie Crawford
While growing up on the farm in North Carolina, I loved gardening. There was something magical about planting a dollar's worth of seeds, watching them germinate, and then feeding the family for a entire season with my efforts.
The only part I didn't enjoy was the weeding and cultivating. That was the WORK! So I was thrilled when I discovered "The Ruth Stout No Work Garden Book." That book taught me how to get all of those great vegetables with no weeding, very little cultivating, and little watering. It really did teach you how to garden with literally no work.
Twenty year later, I discovered just as fertile a garden on the Internet. With practically no investment other than my time, I could put up a website, nurture it, build traffic to it, and in time, harvest lots of sales from it. Just like with the vegetable garden, there was a lot of maintenance required if you wanted a good harvest. The site needed to be constantly updated so that the search engines "learned" that they should visit this "fresh" site often. 
The site needed to have lots of keyword rich webpages so that it would rank high for relevant keywords, and attract organic search engine traffic. Since I was taught that "content is king" that meant the more content-rich, tightly-focused webpages you had, the better. The content-rich pages meant you could make sales, get new subscribers, and even earn pay-per-click revenue from programs such as Google AdSense.
The only problem with the above model is... it's a lot of WORK.
Then I discovered, "The No-work, Money-making Website. It wasn't completely no work, but it was probably 1/10th the work that I had been doing. The no-work website encompasses building a content-rich website using automated tools. These tools allow you to gather relevant content (articles, RSS feeds, etc.) from all over the Internet and then instantly generate hundreds ... even thousands of content rich webpages in minutes. 
The no-work website encompasses using other tools to automatically update your site, so that each time the search engine spiders visit, they notice new content. Noticing new content on each visit, the search engine spiders make a note to visit more often. 
Now here's where this gets really powerful...
As these search engine spiders visit more often, they don't just crawl your current no-work, money-making site. They also follow links to other sites you want to get indexed. So now you can put up your no-work site, teach the search engines to come back often, and then go on to build other sites knowing that getting them indexed is as simple as linking to them from your old sites. It really is that easy :-)
By now you're probably asking what are some of these magic tools I use to build these amazing, no-work sites that literally takes on a life of their own. 
Here's are just a few of the tools I personally use:
1) Blogs. Blogs hosted on get noticed very quickly by Google because Google owns By pinging blog directories (and Yahoo using your "My Yahoo" page) lots of other sites take notice of your blog. They visit your blog and follow links to other target sites.
2) I'm a charter member of Content Desk. Content Desk has a tool that allows me to query databases containing tens of thousands of articles (based upon keywords). I can automatically sort the list of articles that is returned based upon keyword density, or a number of other criteria. Then, I can have the software itself create webpages for me using a template I've designed using the template tool built right into Content Desk.
Content Desk is probably my favorite tool because I can, quite literally, add hundreds of article pages to my sites in minutes. My templates also include ads for a "pet" product and/or Google AdSense. I can add content-rich, relevant, very nice-looking pages to my sites in minute, and then move on to the next project, knowing that these pages WILL make me money.
Content Desk limited its charter membership to a total of only 400 members, and that quickly sold out. However, since it's a monthly membership, not all members renew and there are probably some openings. To check on openings, simply visit:
After arriving at the site, click on the "Charter Membership" link in the upper left menu bar. This will tell you if there are any current openings.
3) RSS Feeds. By incorporating RSS feeds into your webpages, you can set them up so that the content is constantly updated. This gives your visitors something fresh to read each time they visit. 
This gives the search engines fresh content each time that they visit ... and trains them to visit often.
Content Desk incorporates a feature that works very similar to regular RSS feeds EXCEPT that it doesn't send your website traffic away. With a normal RSS feed, the content automatically added to your site contains links inviting your visitors to click away. It allows you to automatically update your pages, but it also siphons off traffic. Content Desk does this in a way that automatically updates your site without sending your visitors away.
4) Traffic On Steroids. This is another system for automatically updating/changing content on your site. Traffic On Steroids actually takes a core database of articles/content that you set up and then rotates it in your target webpages. The net effect is that each time a visitor (or search engine) visits a page, the page is different. This is very effective at training the search engines to come back often... and increasing your pages' ranking. Incorporate Google AdSense into these pages and you have another hands-off money magnet.
You can also incorporate a product data-feed into your page using Secret Money Generator and have pages that are constantly updates AND have a catalog of products built in that all pay you an affiliate commission. Secret Money Generator is at:
You can check out Traffic On Steroids at
I've just shared with you a few of the dozens of tools I use to create nearly-hands-off websites. I do still look at some of them from time to time to see if I can make them perform better. However, you could LITERALLY never touch many of your sites created with these tools for years... and you'd still have a nice revenue stream from them. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. It's all about using technology to leverage your time.
About the author:

Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author, seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host, retired military officer, karate black belt, master network marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He shows people how to actually generate substantial income on-line using very simple, easily implemented systems. An example of such a system that you can study and utilize is at: 

The New eBay Money Making Secret...EXPOSED!!

by: Anthony Samuel
The eBay Affiliate Program ( strives to make success of its members inevitable. The eBay Affiliate program has outlined some effective strategies and designed some effective tools to ensure you make money and have success. eBay’s Affiliate program, is already a success for so many people, and has the benefit of experience to pass on to you. Once you become a member of the Affiliate Program you can be making money in no time flat.
The Program has recognized four models that their most successful affiliates utilize. These models increase traffic or maximize potential in a variety of ways:
The first, the natural search, occurs when people go to search engines with a query in hopes of receiving relevant search information. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL return listings from web sites that ranked the highest during the search process. Affiliate Program members who optimize this strategy incorporate eBay’s helpful hints for natural searches. Indexed web sites with title pages and other rank-earning components earn more exposure, and increase their earnings with eBay. 
The second model, the paid search model, increases hits with search engines because this model pays for placement. This model includes results that would appear in the “sponsored links” section. While these cost money, they are a cost-effective way to target interested leads. 
The third model is Content websites. They place eBay adds on their website, and find added success when they choose to advertise for eBay in ways that also relate to their own content and aims.
The fourth model is opt-in newsletters. This option allows websites to broadcast additional information about their eBay Affiliate Program status to potential customers, and increase their customer base.
To make the most of eBay, many websites choose to emulate one of the aforementioned models. These models are tried and true, and repeatedly spell success for eBay Affiliate Program members. These models are highly cost and time effective. 
Cost and time effectiveness are highly important, as they ensure you are earning the maximum dollar for the effort you invest in your affiliate member status. The eBay Affiliate Program takes your time and effort seriously, and provides you with the necessary tools to maximize your success. Items such as the Keyword Tool, allow you to ensure your keywords are drawing the most attention. 
eBay also provides you with options to track the hits your site inspired, statistics for the products and models that are performing best, and additional guidelines for best business practices. 
All of these options are free with the eBay Affiliate Program, and all of them will increase your earning potential with the programme.
About the author:

Anthony Samuel is a successful entrepreneur with over 15 years home based business experience in, Internet Information Marketing, Real Estate, & Stocks. Visit his website for the internet's top money making opportunities. 
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The Greatest Internet Marketing Strategy Using Google Adsense

by: Dean Shainin
Are you writing articles with the idea of marketing your internet business?
Discover how using the right keywords in articles and having Google Adsense ads on your content site is now one of the most profitable ways of internet advertising.
Are you using this internet marketing strategy?
If not, you may be leaving thousands of dollars of extra profits on the table by not utilizing this strategy. This is one of the many reasons writing original quality content articles is now the latest marketing buzz.
The two basics that you can combine to really power a successful website. Content and links.
You already know that right?
Are you writing articles and submitting them using such services as SubmitYourArticle?
Many internet marketing pro’s have been writing articles for many years. They already know the value of original quality content and using keywords will drive targeted traffic to their websites from the search engines such as Google.So why don’t all internet marketing business owners write and submit articles for their internet marketing strategy?
The simple answer is that it takes time to write articles, submit them and get targeted traffic to their websites. Another reason, is that writing articles reminds us of school research papers, essays and reports that are a deep negative anchor in the subconscious mind.
Did you enjoy writing when you were in school?
If your answer is yes, you have an advantage over the 95% of internet marketing business owners that want to make money online with a work at home opportunity. Imagine how much opportunity there is for you because of knowing this simple fact. The other 5% are taking advantage of this internet marketing strategy and internet advertising, by using Google Adsense ads to make money online on the front and backend writing articles.
Why do you think marketing sites want fresh, quality, original keyword rich content?
The website owner can have an article with keywords that relate to their website content. This helps their websites page rank when indexed by the search engines. Which in turn, gets more Google Adsense ads to show above, below and or next to the article on their website with targeted traffic.
Think about this for a moment. Imagine taking advantage of a work at home opportunity, marketing from both sides of the sales coin with 3 simple steps.
3 Simple Steps To Success With Content And Keywords
1.) You write quality original content, keyword/phrase rich articles, with links to your website in the resource box.
2.) You build a website or web page with targeted keyword/phrase rich original content for the targeted traffic that originates from your articles.
3.) You have Google Adsense ads that are targeted to your
keyword/phrase rich original content site when visitors looking for more information arrive.
If you did not get all that, you may want to read it again.
A Win-Win Situation For Everyone Involved.
The person looking for quality content and information.
The person writing the original content articles.
The person with the quality original content rich website.
And Yes, Google Adsense and their advertisers are getting targeted traffic and sales, but so is everyone else.
Internet marketing business owners who incorporate Google Adsense with writing articles, can make money online if done properly with this internet marketing strategy.
An Overview Of Google Adsense And Writing Articles.
There are 3 keys to internet marketing success writing articles and using Google Adsense ads.
1.) Keyword Research. Find popular subjects and keywords/phrases, using a keyword selector and suggestion tool by Overture and 7Search.
2.) Writing Articles. Write original content with keywords from your research.
3.) Quality Content Site. Build a quality content site incorporated with Google Adsense ads that target the subject and keywords of your article and website.
There are many marketing business ideas. Starting an internet marketing business can be very rewarding and at the same time challenging. It’s best to take the time to research and develop an internet marketing strategy. You can find all the tools, information and resources online by doing a Google search on any subject such as Google Adsense.
Internet marketing opportunities are wide open for you. Writing articles and using Google Adsense for your internet marketing strategy is one way to get a piece of the action.Are you going to take advantage of the greatest internet marketing strategy online today to make money online with Google Adsense and writing articles?
Just get started. Do whatever it takes to write something. For building long term success, there’s very little you can do that will give you near the same results online today.
About the author:
Dean Shainin makes it easy to learn from today's top marketing experts. For details and to cliam your free Bonuses for Subscribing to Our Newsletter, visit:EndlessIncomeForLife
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The Evolution of Google AdSense

by: Sharon Housley
The web has evolved into a complex "organism" which, to some, appears to have a life of its own. As the Internet has evolved, so too have online marketers and publishers. The dot-com balloon is said to have burst but savvy publishers have grabbed the coat tails of the Google search monster and employ Google AdSense on content-rich websites. Google AdSense, a pioneer for providing content-sensitive advertisements, has been a boon to webmasters looking for alternatives to amortize their web trafffic. 
How Does Google AdSense Work?
The concept is simple: The publisher or webmaster inserts a java script into a website. Each time the page is accessed, the java script pulls advertisements from Google's AdSense program. The ads are targeted and related to the content contained on the web page serving the ad. If a web surfer clicks on an advertisement served from Google, the webmaster serving the ad earns a portion of the money that the advertiser is paying Google for the click.
Google handles all the tracking and payments, ultimately providing an easy way for webmasters to display content-sensitive, targeted ads, without the headache of having to solicit advertisers, collect funds, monitor clicks or track statistics, any of which could easily become a full-time job. 
While Google AdSense, like many pay-per-click programs, is plagued by claims of click-fraud, it is clearly an effective revenue source for many reputable web businesses. There seems to be no shortage of advertisers in the AdWords program from which Google pulls the AdSense ads. 
Webmasters seem less concerned by the lack of information provided by Google and more interested in cashing their monthly checks from Google.

The Evolution of AdSense
While Google's initial system was fairly rudimentary, only providing publishers the option of displaying a handful of advertising formats, the technology behind even the first ads was anything but simplistic. The technology used to employ Google AdSense goes far beyond simple keyword or category matching. A complex algorithm is used to determine the content contained on the web page serving the ad. Once the content is assessed, and appropriate ads that contain related content are served.
Early on, Google implemented a system that allows publishers to filter advertisements from competitors or sites which they deemed inappropriate. Google also allows vendors to specify an alternative advertisement, in the unlikely event that Google is unable to provide related content ads. 
The Progression of Google
Google has come a long way in understanding the needs of publishers and webmasters. Google now offers a system that allows full ad customization. Webmasters can choose from twelve text ad formats and can customize Google advertisements to complement their website and fit into existing webpage layout. The options provided allow webmasters to select and create custom color palettes that match an existing website's color scheme, making the ads a much more natural fit. 
Many sites have been able to integrate ads into their site design using different ad formats.
Sample sites with integrated ads:
Investing Partners -
Podcasting Tools - .
RSS Network -
Online Reports
Google recently took a huge step forward, providing publishers the ability to track their earnings based on webmaster-defined channels. Recent improvements to the Google AdSense reporting have resulted in webmasters having the capability to monitor an ad's performance with customizable online reports that can detail page impressions, clicks and click-through rates. 
Webmasters now have the ability to track specific ad formats, colors and pages within a website. Webmasters can quickly spot and track trends. The new flexible reporting tools allows webmasters to group web pages by URL, domain, ad type or category, providing webmasters insight into what pages, ads and domains are performing the best.
Reporting is real-time, allowing webmasters to quickly assess the effectiveness of any changes. The new reporting makes it significantly easier for webmasters to optimize and increase click-through rates. Optional reporting allows webmasters to monitor traffic, viewing both ad impressions and page impressions. 
Advertisers realize the benefits associated with having their ads served on targeted websites, increasing the likelihood that a prospective web surfer will have an interest in their product or service. 
Truth Still Not Revealed
Google still does not reveal what percentage of the advertising revenue earned is paid to the webmaster serving the ads, but they have made strides related to disclosure, recently lifting the ban preventing webmasters from disclosing the amount they earn through serving Google ads. 
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